Protozone for Android

Bobby needs your help!
Bobby the protozoon has lost all his magic stars on a trip through the universe and he doesn't want to return home "empty-handed". Use powerups, skill and intelligence to help Bobby pick them up as fast as possible, since these magic stars are really delicious!

"The concept is pretty fun and gameplay is surely challenging and frustrating in a good way." - appszoom (6.9/10)
Protozone is a very addictive, skill based action and arcade game but you will also have to puzzle out a good solution for each level. There is a normal mode for casual players and a very challenging time attack mode for hardcore gamers. It is also suitable for kids, and even more fun when played on a tablet!
This is the DEMO version of PROTOZONE (get the full version under
- First 50 of 100 Levels
- Normal Mode
- Time Attack Mode
- Powerups (see in-game help)
- Google+ highscores and achievements (full-version only)
- Intuitive tap & touch controls
- No Ads

Link To App

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