Amazing Jet Rider For iOS! Grab Your Jetpack And Go!

Jet packs have been all the rage over the years in countless films, cartoons, science fiction documentaries and video games. Movies such as the 90s smash hit “The Rocketeer”. It is a concept which never gets tiring. Being able to fly through the air with nothing between you and the sky. Amazing Jet Rider for iOS re-explores this concept, bringing along with it obstacles, a bunch of coins to collect and cool upgrades to boot.

The Game

Your start up screen gives you a couple of options. Choose to have the music and sound on or off. Select Multiplayer situations, and decide between formidable upgrades such as boots to make you jump higher. Once you get into the playing the game, hold tight. You start off with a jetpack. Tapping on the screen helps you to fly further into the air in spurts. Keep your finger on the screen to stay near the top of it. Little men in blue outfits occupy the ground. Landing on the ground and bumping into them yields no negative effect.

You will encounter purple objects floating through the air. Colliding with them allows for cool vehicle upgrades. Turn that jetpack into an Airplane. Tap to shoot. You may get an upgrade into a Robot Suit or even a Dragon. When you receive an upgrade, bumping into an obstacle will downgrade you right back to your jetpack, so be warned.


Beware of gun/missile groups which approach from either side of the screen and shoot laser beams toward the center of the screen. Also watch out for fireball-like rods. Collide into any of these and your character screams in aggravation as he is jettisoned from whatever vehicle he has and falls to the ground.


The game makes a decent free download. The game play is typical for iOS, but prepare for some surprising and unpredictable situations which will leave your eyes wide open for as long as you play it! We give this 4 out of 5 stars. The graphics are good, game play is good and the concept is great. You will open this app again and again.


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