RIP Virtual For iOS. Create A Memorial And Pay Your Respects Online

Death is often associated with negative connotations such as loss, sadness and misery. Others choose to positive spin on such an event via reflecting, paying tribute or engaging in the celebration of a life. Traditionally, such events were memorialized via tombstones, funerals, anniversaries or holidays. The digital world has finally caught up. There is an app for that. RIP Virtual by Brian Goodwin allows you to create virtual plaques to memorialize loved ones, friends, celebrities or even pets via creating online plaques using your iOS device!

The startup screen contains a text overview of the app and its features, followed by icons underneath which allow sharing on social networks and to create and view memorials. Tapping the Facebook icon brings you to the RIP Virtual page on Facebook where you can post finished memorials, as well as view and comment on others. It should be noted that once posted on Facebook, they cannot be edited.

Creating a Memorial is fairly straight forward. The developer has taken great care in creating a simple and intuitive interface. Once you tap “Tap To Create New Site”, you are prompted to enter in the name of the person. This is followed by fields to enter in the dates or birth and death. From there you can upload an image from the gallery on your device. You then can select a “frame” to surround your plaque. You then can select the plaque material. This includes choices from woo grain finishes to Metallic. Nice touch!
After selecting the plaque, you may then select a plaque overlay image. You can select from presets or upload your own. Finally, you complete your plaque by uploading a main image or video and then clicking “submit”.

The ability to add video is a nice touch. Perhaps you may want to memorialize the individual by showing them at their best or in their prime.

Another nice feature is the guestbook. When browsing through different memorials on the RIP Virtual Server, friends, families or other individuals may pay their respect by commenting or leaving photos. Account owners can edit or deny privileges to ensure. This is a great way to ensure only appropriate content ends up being presented, or that only selected individuals have access.

RIP Virtual is one of the most unique apps on the market and definitely serves a need. In this fast paced digital world, the app offers people the ability to pay their respects on the go, or from afar. This is another way to connect people. We give it 4 ½ out of 5 stars. At 99 cents you can’t go wrong. 

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