Solitaire Free For Android

Enjoy the classic Solitaire card game, with intuitive game-play and stunning graphics.
The self-adjusting layouts result in crisp graphics for every screen size, from phone to high-definition tablet.

Choose from 5 table backgrounds and 2 card backs to suit your personal taste or mood. All backgrounds shown in the screen-shots are included with the game.

This card game supports both drag & drop and tap-to-place game-play, use whichever you prefer.
Some call it Solitaire, others call it Patience, or Klondike. Whatever you call it, download the app and experience a card game at it's best.

Features :
Portrait and landscape modes
Undo function
Draw 1 or draw 3
Deal on left on right side
Regular and ornate face cards
Two card backs
Various table backgrounds

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