Rap It Back for iPhone&iPad!

First of its kind: There is NOTHING else like it out there. RapItBack is a social hip hop game where you can challenge friends, family, or random opponents to a rap battle. It’s easy to use and a ton of fun. Find an opponent, select a “sick” beat, and record your vocals. Once you’re happy with your recorded rap, send it off to your opponent who will listen to your recording and then take a turn recording his/her rap. After a few rounds of back and forth battling, the completed raps with combined vocal recordings is sent to both users to hear, save, and share. 

Show off your skills! Don’t know how to rap? Don’t worry. No experience or skills are necessary to play and have fun: Even rookies are guaranteed to laugh hysterically while playing!


• 13 premium beats: 3 FREE and 10 additional for purchase
• Find friends on Facebook or random opponents to battle against and rap with
• Earn points for your completed raps
• Compete with your fellow rappers on the leaderboard (based on point rankings)
• Unlock new backgrounds when you earn 500 points and 1,500 points
• Make it more fun and challenging by battling and rapping about a specific topic
• Topics include people, places, and other miscellaneous words
• Or show off your mad skills and bust a freestyle!
• Completed raps consist of 3 rounds of back and forth battling where each rapper flows for roughly 30 seconds each round
• Completed raps are saved to “Flo Archives”: The user can share with friends immediately or at a later time

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