Subway Basketball Shots Arcade for Android!

3D Live Basketball Arcade Game..Its your turn to take the shot. Free install today!
Finally…After popular demand we now bring you the ultimate live motion virtual 3D-Basketball shooting game as a FREE install.
Our highly addictive easy-to-use game console will make your basketball game adventure super fun. Compete with friends and family for hours of slam dunk fun!! Do you have what it takes to beat my high shooting percentage? What’s your score? Well then…..let’s try and find out.
Choose to compete between the options of a three-point shooting game around the PERIMITER (or three point line), or the master of the FREE THROW. See if you can top the SLAM DUNK score as well. So many basketball game options, so little time.
You will control your “avatar” basketball player as they will need to stand at the three-point line and hit three-pointers from all over the court. Or shoot from the many different angles with your precision finger pitching at making sure they shoot at the perfect time. You have several game options to choose from in your “SELECT MODE” screen. Trust me..this is no easy task. It takes a special person to be crowned the Subway Basketball Shots world champion.
How many basketball field goal shots can you make in one game?
Just listen to what some of our new users had to say about this highly addictive basketball arcade game:
Daniel Rosenfield 
So cool. Love this basketball game Love the graphics. Pretty challenging…niiice!! 

Eric Glass 
Cool Game! Highly addictive!

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