3 Cakes for iPhone&iPad!

3 Cakes is the puzzle game where your goal is to build the most possible Cake shops before running out of free cells. You start with the basic ingredients, and then bake some cakes until building the biggest possible cake shop… and all this with simple but fun game mechanics!

Keep grouping objects until reaching your goal… hard to achieve? Use some items that you could find at the store, or get some assistants before starting… they will make your game easier.

Think you can do it with time pressure or with limited moves? Try some of the game modes available and put your skills to test… once you complete your game, share your results to your friends and compare your scores with other players through the leaderboards.

Don’t forget to collect all the achievements… and spread the word if you have the biggest chain of cake shops in the world!

3 Cakes is free! You’ll have unlimited access to all game modes. Running out of sessions? Just wait a few minutes and play again. Don’t like to wait? You have some options at the store: get some sessions for the game mode you want, unlock the game mode you like the most or unlock it all!

3 Cakes features:
∙ Addictive puzzle game: easy to play, challenging to master
∙ Attractive, vibrant, cute and colorful graphics
∙ 4 different game modes that will challenge your skills 
∙ Use of assistants that will make you enjoy to the max each game session 
∙ Store with items that will help you reaching faster your goals
∙ Achievements designed for different styles of play
∙ Local high scores and online leader boards
∙ Social integration with Facebook (other social networks are coming soon)

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