Emoji for Android!

Instant Messaging revolutionized communication in the late 1990s in many ways including bringing us the emoticon. These cute sentence enders evolved over the last decade from being simple colons followed by parentheses to become fully graphic hodgepodges of different facial expression and cute characters. Since then, developers have raced to release bundles of these “emojicons” as they have come to be called to please the ever craving populous.
Meet Emoji
Hainan Mobile Studio has released a super pack of hundreds of emojicons in one app separated into twenty plus categories featuring literally hundreds of emojicons! Categories include everything from standard smiley face characters, to beer cups with all kinds of expressions! There is a surprise for everyone as many have never been seen before. What’s better is that more can be added for free! Simply press the “Get More Emoji” button at the bottom of the screen and download to your heart’s content. Our favorites were the Fruit, Pumpkin, Feet and Alien emojicons. Some of the available free packs include cats, monkeys, and white smiley face emojicons.
Emoji is a great bargain. For the price of free, you get hundreds of new emojicons, all which can be embedded in any social media posting, SMS text and anything else you can share. If you are a fan of emojis and are looking for new ones to wow yourself and friends, then Emoji is right up your alley.

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