Super Gnome for iPhone&iPad!

Instagram and Twitter: @supergnomemgt
In Super Gnome, you go on an adventure by using your precise tilting skills to avoid poisonous mushrooms while scaling higher and higher and gaining jewels and super powers. 

Enjoy the game and strive for the best possible score to compete among your friends through Facebook and Gamecenter. 

don’t Hesitate to leave feedback! We are always looking for ways to make the game more fun!! 


- An incredible gnome adventure game.
- A uniquely designed and very realistic gnome.
- Grass platforms and wooden moving platforms.
- Poisonous mushrooms, super jump power up, continue lives, disappearing platforms, checkpoints.
- Compete with friends and share with friends via Facebook and Gamecenter.

How to play: 
- Precisely tilt the screen to the left or right to reach platforms, gain jewels, collect power ups, and avoid poisonous mushrooms on your adventure. 
- Double tap the screen to use super jump if you have gained the power up by collecting the amount of jewels needed or by purchasing jewels. 

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