What The Foto for iPhone&iPad!

What The Foto (WTF) is the latest app of addiction by Dim Sum Lab Ltd. WTF is a photo guessing game that uniquely utilises the smartphone camera and or photo library. 

1. Simply snap anything you want – and we mean anything – on your iPhone camera.

2. Select from a variety of panels (to hide parts of your photo) and filters (to funk up that photo!). Including – but not limited to - Sepia, Sketch, various Blurs and Swirls, Invert, Toon, and Hipsterise. Go crazy on your Kodak moment.

3. Graciously invited friends and frenemies will use the available letter tiles to guess what kind of funky photo you been hiding. Just remember to check your speelling!

4. If you don’t consider yourself much of a photographer, foodtographer and paparazzo included, why not opt for our ‘Battle’ mode? Play head-to-head with friend or foe, guessing photos in our ready-made categories. Includes ‘Guess the Flag’, ‘Guess the Food’, ‘Guess the Animal’… and much more.

Best of three gets bragging rights.

The loser can cry over some dim sum (Don’t worry, we’ve been there all too often).

Every game earns you tokens to unlock even more panels, filters and categories at different levels and difficulties.

So, WTF are you waiting for – take a shot (and make us hot!)

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