L.O.R. for iPhone&iPad!

With the hundreds of thousands of games titles that have been released over the years, it is very tough to come up with a unique idea and more importantly, unique gameplay. With L.O.R., Fugo has taken the Match 3 game concept and expanded it with inimitable gameplay, hand drawn HD graphics and a competitive edge. Fugo is the creator of Wordz, one of the most popular word games available on the iOS platform.
Enter L.O.R.
The objective with L.O.R. is to match three of the cute characters of the same color horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The caveat is you only have two ways of moving your character, left or right. Characters are dispensed onto platforms above a grid. Moving them from the platforms to the grid can be accomplished in a few steps, but you may only move left of right. Since platforms are diagonal to one another, a strategy must be developed by you to place characters where you want them within the grid. This does not always give the desired results since you are limited to a few steps.
For us, it was difficult for us to match up colors. Like anything else, getting better requires practice, but you still have limited control. On our third attempt, we were able to match colors six times within one run. When colors are matched, the characters in question disappear, leaving you with more room on the grid. If you fill up any column on the grid, adding another character to that column forces a game over.
Because of the movement limitation, the addictiveness of the game comes from just getting things right. We liked that the developer included a thorough tutorial which is accessible at any time from the settings menu. Leaderboard displays encourage competition. You can see top scorers and each play attempt tells you where you place among the many that downloaded the game. There are in app purchases. We did not like the idea of having to wait a certain amount of time to play after a few tries. This can be alleviated by purchasing tickets.
All in all, L.O.R. is a fun game to play. Once you get the hang of it and develop a strategy, you’ll be obsessed with getting your name closer to the top of that leaderboard.

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