Battle Of Galaxies for iPhone&iPad!

There exists what seems to be an endless amount of space shooter games on the market, but none of them are as fun and playable on the mobile platform like Battle Of Galaxies. Many of the existing space shooter games have crude graphics, awkward maneuvering, weird weapons and sometimes endless, pointless levels. Battle of Galaxies brings a sense of purpose to the table adding levels with specific objectives, excellent background music, top notch graphics, easy to use weapons, cool story lines and awesome game play. If you wanted to merge the sense of purpose of Star Trek with the cool battle scenes of Star Wars, Battle Of Galaxies may come to mind.
The Battle Begins
Battle Of Galaxies contains several galaxies with several missions. Each mission contains roughly three objectives. As expected, each mission requires you to shoot up several enemy battle ships. The beginning levels have as few as three with subsequent levels containing five or more. Your cockpit features a joystick like control that can be manipulated by moving the stick in either direction in a 360 plane. You are given several guns, plus a thruster to fly deeper into space. A radar on the top right of the screen lets you know where enemies are relative to your position. Thrusting into space gives a life-like impression of flying into space (at least with how you might imagine it to be). Objects will come closer to you and eventually fly behind you. Flying towards planets and ships will give you a 3D impression. You can even fly around objects and get a 360 impression. A lot of work went into graphics in this game. This is real 3D. We said several times during our video review that we would understand if this game was not free. You will feel like you are playing a console game on a mobile device. We strongly advise playing this on a tablet to get the best experience.
Do not get complacent. You have to shoot up your enemies. Failure to do so will result in you getting taken out. We advise shooting enemies while they are in front of you. Thrusting too far will complicate things because you may have to turn around and enemies can shoot from behind. Thankfully, with your radar, you will know exactly where your enemies are once you get the hang of reading it properly.
There are upgrades available to your arsenal that can be purchased outright, or with coins accumulated from beating levels. Each completed level is rewarded with a payout, starting lightly with 750 coins and eventually reaching the thousands. After completing eight levels, we banked roughly 44,000 coins. Nice.
We played this game for a half hour. We cannot fully articulate how fun this game is to play. There are long load times (not too long), but its worth the wait. The graphics are second to none, the objectives and story lines are great, music encouraging and the playability of this game takes hands-on to another level. We would not expect this kind of playability from a mobile device. We think Battle Of Galaxies has raised the bar. Do yourself a favor and check it out. This will stay on our devices for quite some time.

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