So Google Wants A Piece Of Your Wallet?

So Google Wants A Piece Of Your Wallet?

In today's world, mobile communication is so integrated into our lives that most people feel uncomfortable without a cell phone, you may even say naked. Yesterday, the most popular functions of phones were calls and sending SMS. But today, with the iOS, the Android and the RIM OSes the priorities are beginning to move slightly in a different direction. A modern phone is a multifunctional device that helps not only to communicate but also to learn, earn, have fun. And this was made possible particularly by the development of mobile applications.

Have you visited the GiveMeApps, the App Store or the Marketplace lately? There is virtually an app for just about anything that you could almost imagine. Some of the categories include books to the weather. This is for all apps on platforms. Some of though may be anticipating the release of the app that I think is going to change all apps. This app by far is evolutionary to say the least, “What app is it that I’m speaking of?” It is none other than the Google Wallet app. Presently at the moment it is only available for the Nexus S 4G from Sprint. This phone is of course one of Google’s flagship phones.

Although I like Google believe by using this app, we will be able to change the way that we currently use our plastic. It’s going to save time and the hassle of reaching for your wallet. No one carries plain old cash anymore, we all just reach into our wallet and use our plastic. This app will enable us to integrate our plastic into our phones. Google Wallet is for now an Android app that makes your phone your wallet. It stores virtual versions of your plastic cards on your phone. You just simply tap your phone to pay and redeem offers using near field communications or NFC. It was designed for an open commerce ecosystem in mind. It can and will store all of the plastic that is in your wallet. It will hold all of your payment receipts, without all of the bulk. Not only receipts, but eventually loyalty cards, gift cards, boarding passes, and tickets. It was designed for the everyday consumer. You can use it at thousands of places across the country with more coming in the near future. I know that I for one am going to try it.

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