App Review: "Bump

App Review: "Bump

Bump app is unlike any other app iPhone app users may be accustom to. This app makes new friendships and contact swapping easier than ever before. Using location services, the app enables the user to transfer contact information with someone when the two devices are ‘bumped’ together. What usually takes over 60 seconds to enter information now becomes a seamless and easy process.

Upon downloading the app, the program instantly recognizes the users information using GPS services that enable the device to recognize your area code and specific phone number registered with you personal gadget. The first time two users bump their phones together, a connecting screen pops up alerting you that it is searching for the other person’s information. After only about five seconds, the contact’s name, phone number, and even custom profile picture appear on each screen. At that point the user is promoted to save this information (all within app) and the name and number will later appear in contacts.

I did experience some trouble with this application. Firstly, both users must have their location services on and both devices need to have fairly good signal strength. Additionally, on a few occasions one, two or maybe even three bumps were required for the information to be transferred. I also noticed a quirky glitch where the phone will register the correct name and number but possibly different profile picture of, for example, a father and son who have the same name and both have iPhones. For the patience young techie- this is a fun and playful new way to expand your contact list!

Amanda Alimo is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast. You can follow her on her blog.

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