Super Apps For Super Bowl XLVI

Super Apps For Super Bowl XLVI

The biggest football game is rapidly approaching. It’s just a few days away, Sunday February 5th 2012 to be exact. I know that millions in this country alone will tune in to watch their favorite team. Who will come out the winner of this year’s big game? Will it be the New England Patriots or the New York Giants? Whoever your favorite team is, be sure to check out these great Superbowl apps.

ESPN’s Score Center- available for both the iOS and Android. If you are a sports fan, I’m sure that you already have this one. It’s an app that no sports fan can live without. Look up the latest statistics on your favorite team and check in for live game details and summaries as they happen, from the last play.You can also check out your other favorite sports as well from Auto Racing to Water Polo.

NFL Super Bowl Trivia- Available for Android for $1.49. Are you one of those who likes football trivia? Say Super Bowl trivia? Then this app is for you. You can easily challenge yourself or friends with questions about past Super Bowl’s. Some of the trivia includes trivia on winners, losers, coaches, most valuable players and more. Each player has just 30 seconds to answer a question though. The faster that you can answer the question correctly, the higher points you are able to earn. The user also has the ability to rate their trivia abilities on a global scoreboard.

NFL Pro Tweets- Available for the iOS. Do you think that any player will actually tweet something from the playing field in the big game? I wouldn’t count on it. With this app you have the ability to see what the players from the opposing teams are tweeting or talking about during the game. This app made available by the NFL Players Association will show you tweets in real time as they happen.

Super Bowl XLVI Official App- Available for the iOS and Android. The free official guide to Super Bowl XLVI. This is the app to have for the game, especially if you are going to be there in Indianapolis. This app features details for being there at the stadium and in Indianapolis. You have a detailed guide to local restaurants, nightlife, and official Super Bowl events. It includes a 3D map of Indianapolis and an interactive 3D map of Lucas Oil Stadium. You also have the ability to follow all of the social media buzz with NFL Huddle. Pin your parking spot and find your seating section in the stadium.

Whether you'll be in Indy or not, the Super Bowl XLVI Guide is your must-have companion to Super Bowl Week!

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