Baby Animal Solitaire For Android!

Baby Animal Solitaire For Android!

Classic solitaire game play with adorable baby animals in the background. Play the solitaire games you know and love, with images of cute kittens, puppies, cubs, lambs, and every other baby animal that update regularly over the Internet.
Just by playing Baby Animal Solitaire, you are also helping to save real baby animals all over the world. 3% of all proceeds generated by Baby Animal Solitaire will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund. Check out to see how much has been donated already.

See a newborn hedgehog picture in the game that just makes your heart melt? Share it with your friends on Facebook or email without stopping the game.

Features classic game types of Solitaire (also called Patience, Klondike, or Windows Solitaire), Spider, and Freecell.

Supports screens from small phones to large tablets with scaling graphics and backgrounds.

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