Clockwise For iPhone, iPad and Android! A Mentally Stimulating Word And Numbers Game!

ClockWise For iPhone, iPad and Android!

Platform: Multiplatform
OS: Multi-Platforms Available
Model: iOS 4.3+
Android 2.2+
Arm v7 CPU or better required for android version.

Version: 1
Release: 3-14-2012
File Size: 10.3MB
Developer: Otter Studios
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Price: 0.99
Otter Studios today is proud to announce ClockWise, its fun, challenging and mentally stimulating word and numbers game for iOS and Android.
ClockWise features a 2-player mode over 3G/wifi as well as 128 CPU opponents to suit all ages and abilities. Based on the UK TV gameshow Countdown, players compete against each other and the clock in the Words and Maths rounds, earning points for the longest words and best solutions to the maths problems, before moving on to the final and potentially crucial Confuzzler round in which you must solve a 9-letter anagram quicker than your opponent.

The game features 5, 9 or 15-round modes meaning it is suitable for a quick blast while waiting for the bus, or to pass the time on a long journey with the full TV format. Play against 128 CPU players across four difficulty levels, giving young children, Countdown veterans, and everyone else in between a fun and rewarding experience.
The built-in dictionary contains over 100,000 words and allows both US and UK spelling variations. In addition you can instantly look up the meaning of any word your opponent uses, and you can further expand your vocabulary with The Oracle, who will reveal the best possible word after each round. The 2-player mode features facebook integration, allowing the player to quickly find their friends in the lobby. The game also includes full tracking of statistics, so you can measure your progress and compare your performance against your friends.

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