Text To You Later Plus For Android From The App Mall! Schedule Your Texts To Be Sent How Often And When You Want!

Text To You Later Plus For Android From The App Mall!

Platform: Android
OS: Multi-Platforms Available
Model: This application can only operate on models with 2.1 and above.
Version: 1.0
Release: 3-20-2012
File Size: 206k
Developer: Black Palm Mobile Applications
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Support: blackpalmmobileapplications@gmail.com
Price: .99
Schedule your text messages to be sent when you want and how often you want. Black Palm Mobile Applications brings you TTYL Plus. The "Text To You Later Plus" App allows you to type your message, set the times, dates, and how often you want the text message to be sent. This is great for sending reminders to yourself or friends and family. Also great to send a "Happy Birthday" text to those that you might forget to send one to. Or if you work in a job that you are not allowed to send text messages to........just type it, set it, and save it and the person that you are sending it to will receive it as if you just sent it. You can also send text messages to more than one person.......let's just call it group texting. Pick them from your contact list and there you have it! Text To You Later............I hope you enjoy this app created by Carmen Johnson.

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