Millionaire Mind For Android! You Want Wealth And Success? You Need A Millionaire Mind!

Millionaire Mind

Platform: Android
OS: Android 2.2+
Model: Samsung Galaxy S2
HTC Evo 4G
Samsung Galaxy Note HTC Desire HD

Release: 1-27-2012
File Size: 1.5mb
Developer: SuperMaverick
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Price: free
If you want to get a Millionaire's mind, Want to attract wealth, Success, Money, mindset, Peace & Harmony like the others millionaire. Mandatory:- You need to try this free app for 2 times in a day for 30 days continuously.
You brain will create new neurological pathways which will enable you to think and act like millionaire eventually will built habits.
Program Yourself With A Millionaire's Mind
Attract Opportunities, Wealth & Ultimate Success!
Layer 1 - Foreground Soothing Music
Layer 2 - Powerful Background Frequency That Induce Ultra-Depth
Layer 3 - Masked affirmations (Phrases)
Layer 4 - Masked affirmations (Single Powerful Triggering Word)
Layer 5 - Audible powerful affirmations to alter behaviors
It is proven that positive affirmations repeated to your mind can gradually help to alter behaviors during an altered-state of consciousness.
Millionaire'sMind audio puts the listener's mind into an ultra-depth trance within minutes and 3 layers of powerful affirmations are repeated thousands times over in it's 45minutes duration.
Listeners will realize that they become more focus and alert in any money making opportunities. Powerful affirmations in this series to help attract wealth and new opportunities at the same time while helping listeners to develop a millionaire's mind.
We guarantee quality of our product definitely way surpasses most programs that are available on the net today! To your Success, Wealth, Attract, Harmony, Money, Mindset, Entrepreneurship, Millionaire's.

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