Shooting Warror Plus For Android Let's You Annihilate The Enemy In Style!

Shooting Warror Plus For Android

Are you ready for an adventure? This game should be right up your alley! What makes this app interesting is its cartoon-like visuals and wide selection of characters. Thw war ship shooting Warrior has set out to stake its claim on various lands while you're defending your castle. Little does the warriors know the lands to be added to the empire are not uninhabited.


Shoooting Warrior Plus allows you to take command of the troops aboard the warship Shooting Warrior. You may expand the empire conquering new lands in dynamic castle defense game style. Train your troops with courage, skill and strategy while enhancing your arsenal, strengthen your heroes. There are 9 soldier types provided, with a variety of attack ranges and defensive skills such as swordsmen, cavalry, and archers.
Only a skilled hand of quick thinking strategist can marshal the forces of the Shooting Warrior to overcome their enemies and their powerful castle defense. It's up to you to handle the task at hand. Developed by Daeri Soft, a Korean game developer, Shooting Warrior Plus can definitely be considered as a very promising Android game app that can get you hooked. The app is $5.99, but is worth your dollar. 

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