Animative Tools For iPhone and iPad. The Ultimate Life Saving App For Photographers and Designers!

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Platform: iPhone / iPad  
OS: iPad 3.2+                  
Version: 1.0
Release: 5-15-2012
File Size: 14.4 mb
Developer: Onur Demirsoy
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Price: 2.99
★ Designers! We present the life saving app, Animative Tools, just 2.99$ for a limited time ★
As designers we need lots of tools and reference information no matter we are web designers, photographers or video producers. Animative Tools is an application which combines all of these instruments and targets to add the latest releases with every new update.

You can set up your iPad on your desk, right next to your PC or if you wish, you can carry it everywhere with you. Animative Tools is going to be an assistant that you never want to get apart while creating your designs.

The tools offered by the application:

Useful converters

✔ Millimeter-Inch Converter
✔ PPI-Mm-Px Converter
✔ Golden Ratio Converter
✔ Color Picker
✔ Pixel-Em Calculator
✔ FPS - Sec – Min – Frame Converter
✔ Film Length Calculator
✔ Circle of Confusion Calculator
✔ Depth of Field Calculator

All references you need

✔ Paper Sizes
✔ Envelope Sizes
✔ Screen PPI List
✔ Business Card Sizes
✔ Poster Sizes
✔ Banner Sizes
✔ HTML Special Characters
✔ HTML Named Colors
✔ 960Px Grid System Chart
✔ Display Resolutions
✔ Video Formats
✔ White Balance Chart
✔ Aperture – ISO – Exposure Chart

Important cheat sheets

✔ Adobe Photoshop
✔ Adobe Illustrator
✔ Adobe Flash
✔ Anime Studio

and many more...

☆ Useful tools in one app

Designing Animative Tools, we paid attention to ensure that it covers all tools and references you may need as a designer. We will keep on adding other tools and references you will need with the new updates.

☆ Retina screen support

Animative Tools is adaptable to the New iPad in addition to iPad and iPad 2. Animative Tools offers high-definition Retina visuals in the New iPad.

☆ Theme support

You can customize the theme of Animative Tools as you wish. Whether dark or light themes…We will be presenting new themes with the updates.

☆ Pixel perfect design

We showed ultimate attention while preparing Animative Tools so that it appeals to you.

☆ Rich animations and sound effects

Animative Tools has a rather clear structure because we gave particular importance to simplicity. We benefited from the animation opportunities of iPad in menu shifts and thus came up with a dynamic and impressive structure. Animative Tools is an amazing tool with its fascinating animation use and sound effects.

We need your comments and recommendations. Which features would you like to be added in the upcoming releases of Animative Tools? We would be more than happy if you could e-mail us your feedback and opinions:

To be added very soon:

Landscape feature
Alarm Clock
Note Pad

To be added soon:

iPhone and iPod Touch support Brand-new themes and tools

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