TaskCat For iPhone and iPad Is A Gesture Based Task App Which Makes Your Life Easier!

Task Cat For iPhone and iPad

Platform: iPhone / iPad

OS: iOS 4.0+
Model: all
Version: 1.0
Release: 4-24-2012
File Size: 5.8 MB
Developer: BoxCat LLC
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Support: box-cat.com
Price: .99
Taskcat is a gesture-based task-list application, designed specifically to give greater visibility. Rather than tapping between menus and sub-menus, a single swipe can navigate between lists.
Taskcat was designed to allow users to quickly add tasks and go back to their busy day. It's built with a consolidated Today Page for those that juggle multiple Lists.

We’re a small startup focused on developing games and applications. We hope you find Taskcat useful as a productivity tool.

Gesture-based Controls:
- One swipe navigation
- Cross out tasks by swiping to the right.
- Delete a single task by swiping to the right again.
- Add a task touching the “+” button.
- Uncross out a task by swiping to the left.
- Share a task to the Today List by swiping to the left, when it is not crossed.
- Shake the phone to sort crossed out tasks to the bottom.

Key Features:
- Fast gesture based navigation between lists
- Designed for quick entry of new tasks
- Today List is a consolidated list of shared tasks for great visibility
- Easily share tasks with the “Today List”
- Easily touch and drag tasks to reorder tasks
- Each task can hold 120 characters
- Application badge, which will display the number of pending tasks
- Quickly uncross out all items within a list
- Quickly remove all crossed out items within a list
- Ability to email your list to yourself or friends - Pass-code lock for lists to hide that “special task” you want to keep secret

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