Tap Ball (iPhone, iPad, iPod: Games)

Tap Ball (iPhone, iPad, iPod: Games)

If you are tired and bored with your common and old fashioned puzzle matching game, try “TAP BALLS”. It is going to give you more freedom to match and move in your game play. Tap ball give’s full flexibility to its user, so that while necessary player can move their required “Colored Puzzle Ball” to any position, even in a spiral way. Only column or row match will count for scoring and will cause “ma tch disappearance. Not spiral matching.When we start matching puzzles we always wished to have a spiral way of moving them. However do you think it’s going to make you more comfortable to match and score? Well to find it out, you need to try “Tap Ball” today.

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  1. Superb Game. You guys must see this, awesome Tap and Zap - Android Wear Game.

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