Retro Dejavu for iOS

What’s old is new again, and it is new again because it was always good. Such is the case with Retro Dejavu from Martin Plusich. This game takes a different approach from old classic and allows it to be enjoyed on the iOS platform. Clocking in at 10 levels to start you off, two arrow icons and a jump icon, the game is pretty easy to figure out. Kudos to those who have been gaming for a long time because the game will bring an instant smile to your face.

A question mark icon hangs above the start up screen for a quick run through of what you need to know to play and enjoy the game. The main premise is to get your character “Martino” to rack up as many coins as you can and make it to the end of the level, which features a portal which will bring you to the next board. There are some obstacles however. Don’t fall off any cliffs and be sure to not overdo it with the controls.
Orange question points are coins which give you extra points. Red keys access blocks which makes traveling around each board a breeze. Blue arrows give you super jumps so you can jump higher. There are several other items you can obtain.

The app is a decent attempt by the developer. There are some things that need to be worked out. Sometimes the game freezes.  It would be awesome if the developer included up and down arrows or made the arrows more responsive. It sometimes takes several taps get the controls to do what you want them to do. The good news is that the developer has already released a few updates and is consistent with it. All in all, a cool grab!

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