Le Vamp for iOS. Keep The Vampire Alive!

We come across so many games, but very few with top notch graphics, addictive and logical game play, great storylines and upgrades that make you say "wow!". Though the mobile device market is maturing, we still tend to think of games manufactured for this market as "meh" compared to console games, Le Vamp will have you reconsider that frame of thinking.

Le Vamp is about a cute little vampire on the run. It is your job to keep him alive by running away from the angry mob! To keep him from going under, you have to guide him by way of flinging (swiping or dragging) objects toward him or to aid him in his escape. The most common object are the Blood Pigs to keep him from getting hungry. You can also fling these toward the mob on hot pursuit. There are coins to be had that are floating in the air. These like most games will allow you upgrades should you collect enough. 

There are obstacles (how unchallenging would a game be without them?)! You have to pull up spikie "spudzies" by uprooting them, otherwise they will slice your character. There are pumpkin piles, usually in three that have to be tapped three times to allow your vampire to continue on his route. Finally, there are trees that must be sliced from the bottom (by swiping your finger) so the vampire can get across rivers. Watch out for the beams of sunlight! If you know a thing or two about vampires, you know what havoc that wreak!  There are also "Le Wursts". Keep them from attacking you by swiping downward to smash them. Watch out for the Stinky Garlic Pigs! You must fling them away.

Ever watch a television show with so much going you have no idea what to do with yourself? This is that type of game. Your eyes will forever be on the screen and your fingers will be moving all over the place to get rid of or take objects. It's a seizure of a game. Calling it exciting does not do it any justice.
There are other things to note. In-App purchases exist to help you level up or get cool items to assist with the game play. There is a tutorial and state of the art intro video. Be sure to pay close attention to the tutorial. It is informative and will set you up for the game play step by step explaining just about every detail. There is Game Center integration. 

The app description says, "We’re so proud of Le Vamp that we’re giving it away for free!". No kidding? This game is console worthy and could easily require you pony up $50. It would still be worth it. You owe it to yourself to enjoy this free download. You will be stuck on this for hours and hours. 5 out of 5 stars. 

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