Slots-O-Luck Adventure for IOS

Addicted to the casinos and want to save money on both gas and accommodations? If you have an iOS device, then you need to check out Slots-O-Luck Adventure. This casino app excels with its mutli-player game option and top of the line graphics. The free app starts you off with an excellent tutorial. The exciting Bossa Nova and jazz background music gives you the full Las-Vegas style experience.

Connection with Facebook allows for more options such as higher amounts of “money" to start with and other goodies. There are multiple prompts which encourage social media integration and multi-player settings. Either way, the game opens up with a map of the available casinos. Everyone starts in the “Grand" casino. Several slot machines are available, but can be utilized only if you’re able to increase your “experience" level and obtain enough coins. Same thing exists with exiting The Grand and moving onto other casinos. Of course, other machines can be had if you make in app purchases.

The only caveat is, if you run out of coins, you can only go back to the bank to re-up every four hours. If you want to get back into the action, you need to make an in app purchase. No need to worry. Through regular game play, we were able to keep our coin numbers relatively high. There are different bet lines which increase your probability of cashing out.

Overall, the game is fun and the graphics are great. Icons are clearly marked and you never feel as if you can’t get around. This game is sure to keep you going for hours and hours. How much fun you have is entirely up to you. If you can’t make it to Atlantic City or Las Vegas, well, here is a nice second option.

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