Coin Dozer Adventures for iPhone & iPad!

Classic Arcade Game remakes for mobile devices always seem to be instant hits. Perhaps it is the nostalgia, familiarity of the game play, or the thought of having a game that was once on a huge console now in your pocket! Coin Dozer has now been added to the mix. Reincarnated as Coin Dozer Adventures, fans of the original Coin Dozer Classic have the opportunity to get push coins off without having them fall off the edges on their iOS device!
The Premise
Coin Dozer Adventures is fairly simple. You tap the dozer to add coins to the pusher. Every time you add coins, the dozer pushes them further off of the pusher. The objective is to make coins fall off the pusher and not over the edges. Coins which fall forward let you rack up points. You can see your progress in the progress bar located at the top of the screen. There are caveats however.
At first play, you are given a generous amount of coins! After you run out, you can only claim one coin per 15 seconds when the game is online. Drop that down to one every six minutes when the game is offline. The tutorial of the game mentions that Coin Dozer Adventure is about precision. Be sure not to drop too many coins to maximize the effectiveness of the objective. Coins which fall of the sides waste times and of course coins!
More Coins To The Rescue
There are prizes to be had. Eifel Towers, Double Decker Busses fall. Push them off and you can get more points. If you run out of coins, there are options available to you. In App Purchase allow you to buy coins to help you reach your goals faster. We purchased a 100 coin package for .99 just for the review. Higher amounts are certainly available. You can also obtain more coins by sharing the game on Facebook and Twitter.
It is easy to get carried away in this affair, so be sure to use your coins wisely. Of course, you can always wait until enough coins regenerate if you don’t feel like splurging for the in app purchases.
Coin Dozer Adventures is simple and fun. We did appreciate the quick tutorial which you can keep on that pops up at the beginning of the game. While the game will keep you busy, patience must be had. 38 levels are required to be completed to move up to the next board. Boards include London, India and Egypt. That’s a lot of coins!
You get a nice trade off and some help with coin purchase options, and if you have the patience to wait for coins to regenerate, Coin Dozer Adventure will keep you occupied for a long time. We enjoyed the simplicity of the game. It is worth checking out.

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