Cutie Monsters – Jigsaw Puzzle for iPad!

So you have a toddler and want them to get a leg up on reading, writing and critical thinking. There are more tools than ever to help with that objective. Interactive apps are popping up all over the place on all of the major platforms. Cutie Monsters – Jigsaw Puzzle is one such app. It aims to have your toddler learn their numbers from 1-10, improve their motor skills and learn some words along the way.
Enter Cutie Monsters
It is good that the app is 99 cents. Paying for apps usually means there are no ads to be found, and this app follows that rule. The home screen is neatly laid out with big graphics and is accompanied by smooth retro background music. Cutie Monsters is divided into three areas of content – (1) “Read It Myself”, (2) “Touch Read Words” and (3) “Jigsaw Puzzles”.
Learn To Read And Count
“Read It Myself” and “Touch Read Words” features the same content but allows your toddler to interact with it in different ways. In Touch Read Words, words can be touched resulting in them being spoken aloud. This is great for memorization and recognition of some easy and not so easy words. Words can be touched as well as the character displayed. After this, an arrow on the bottom right hand side of the screen needs to be pressed. You are then asked to count the objects on the screen. Numbers are read aloud when touched. When the number of objects are fully counted, you hear applause - awesome for motivating your tot to learn.
“Read It Myself” works exactly the same minus the ability to touch words. The purpose here is to have your child read on their own.
Touch And Go
“Jigsaw Puzzles” features several clunky puzzles which are fairly easy to put together to help with your child’s motor skills. When each puzzle is put together correctly, you hear applause and are sent to the next puzzle. The large size of the pieces of each puzzle makes it much more enjoyable and encouraging in our opinion.
Cutie Monsters Jigsaw Puzzles has already won numerous awards in Australia and New Zealand. Our blessing pales in comparison to the awards they have already received, but they have been appropriately awarded. The app is easy to get around, the illustrations, characters and concept are great, and the each section encourages with applause. We would hope to see this expand into a series as it seems that toddlers would really enjoy it. We give it 4 out 5 stars.

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