Fire Ant for iPhone&iPad!

There has been a recent surge in tap-to-navigate games as of late due to a very successful app. The premise behind these is to navigate in between pillars with no hopes of continuing where you left off should you fail. Fire Ant takes this to another level with a slightly different concept, nice minimalist graphics and surprises when you reach certain milestones.
Meet Antzy
Antzy the ant has to get out of the underground! You fly her through obstacles. If you hit any of the obstacles, you die, immediately. Once you die, you must start from the beginning. Unlike retro games and some of the tap-to-navigate variants, obstacles do not always come to you in the same way. If you start over, do not attempt to think that you will have an easier time because of experience. The pillar openings may be higher or lower than before, which can be excruciatingly frustrating.
The developer of the app points out that what makes this app stand out is what happens to Antzy if you get far enough. We will leave it to you to figure out what that is as we could not get past three pillars! Let this be a testament to how tough this game is!
When you hit a pillar and die, you explode into a fire ball. You can hit a pillar from in front or from underneath or above while passing through them. If you pass a pillar, you hear a 1950s styled bell (think shiny teeth) which lets you know that you’ve increased your score. Speaking of the 1950s, the background music fits what you would probably hear on television during that era – lots of flutes and plucked strings.
Fire Ant is fun for the entire family. We will say that you should be sure you play this when you have time, or are in transit, never before work, an important meeting or class.  Whether you fire it up for the first time or are playing this for the tenth time, no two plays are the same and your attention will be completely devoted to advancing in the game. Fire Ant is nice take on a popular concept and is sure to satisfy the tap-an-navigate crowd.

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