EyePic for iPhone&iPad

Did you know that photo sharing could be MORE fun?!

EyePic is a NEW social network where you can share your photos with your friends.

In EyePic you can capture and share pictures, memories, objects by challenging and sharing 
it with your friends, followers and on your personal profile!

So, how does it work?

• Take a picture or pull one from your archives.
• Tap the picture to add a caption- up to 10 letters for a caption! 
• Send the image to your friends and challenge their creativity!
• Whether they guessed it or not, the image goes to your news FEED and personal EyePic profile!
• In the feed your followers can comment and wink at your photo, and even take a shot by trying to solve your challenge themselves.
• Share your favorite pictures with your friends on Facebook and show them all what you and your EyePic followers had in mind 
• Invite your friends and family to join EyePic
* Facebook account is required to save and share your pictures.

- When downloading the app you get 250 coins FOR FREE!
- For every challenge you solve you get 3 credit coins FOR FREE!
- By gaining coins you will be able to get a CLUE package to help you solve a tough challenge. You can even purchase coins in the app! 

Download Eyepic today and start sharing the fun, the memories, your favorite moments and 
private jokes by challenging your friends.

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