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We see pictures just about every day on Social Media, but how many of them give you a reason to feel a bit giddy? Because of social media, we’ve seen thousands of trends pop up and disappear almost overnight. From actions like planking, to photo filters, we’re at a point where it seems like we’ve seen it all. started a new trend that has been catching a lot of steam as of late. That is, putting funny icons on top of pics. Giddyology expands on this and allows you to place dozens of amusing and insightful icons on top of pics, positioned anywhere, to make pics come alive and maybe even make you chuckle.
Get Giddy
Giddyology is a breeze to use. The startup screen gives you the option to take pictures from your camera roll, or use the camera of your device to take fresh pictures. If you select the Camera Roll option, it then requests that you crop the picture so it fits within the area of a box shown on screen. Once the picture is cropped, then the fun begins. You are given several icons to place on your pic. Tapping or dragging the icon gets it on the bottom of your picture. From there, you can drag the icon to any position on your screen with ease.
The Buck Does Not Stop Here
There are several in app purchase options that can expand the feature set of the app, namely having a larger collection of icons to work with. For $1.99, every icon with the lock image appearing on it becomes available giving you not only dozens of icons to use, but even customizable text. Some of the icons include flags from different countries, hamburgers, numbers, ghosts, hearts, houses, footprints, sneakers, musical notes, soccer balls and cocktails glasses among other things. The majority of them are white icons with orange backgrounds.
For us, the real fun began when we got to the text. Text icons are white on black backgrounds and are encased in dialog boxes. It gives the effect that the picture is saying something. Gidd-ifying pictures of people. Some of the text icons are set with common internet slang such as “Ftw” and “Selfie”.
If you tap on the “abc” icon, you can customize your text icon. The app will ask you which size you want the text (XS-L), and from there you can type in whatever you want using the on screen keyboard. When you are finished, tap on saved pages and voila, you are good to go! It could not be any easier.  When you are finished with your image, you can of course save it and share it on Facebook or Twitter directly from the app.
Final Thoughts
If you are looking to hop on the bandwagon of adding cool giddy icons to your images, then Giddyology will get you there fast. The app is very easy to use, has a stylish interface and offers many customization options via app in purchases that won’t leave a hole in your wallet. Don’t forget to use that share icon to let the world of social media enjoy your creations, and have a few laughs.

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