My Weed for Android!

MyWeed is a plant of marijuana you will need to take care of it

∙ Choose a seed and plant it, give it a name
∙ Grow it with so much love
∙ Watering it , give it fertilizer every time it will need it
∙ Play MiniGames with her to have fun together
∙ When it is fully grown is your choice whether to sell it gaining a bit of money to use in the shop 
∙ Buy all objects in in the shop to customize the game
∙ Change background occasionally
∙ All achievements
∙ Choose from 30 + different seeds
∙ MiniGames:(Weed Jump, Weed Rise Up, Weed Down, Up And Down, Tap The Red, WeedWadWoo, Flappy Weed, Weed Fall)

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