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In the latter half of the 00s decade, obesity was on track to being considered as an epidemic, especially among children. Those stats have waned in the last few years of the current decade, but it is still on the radar of health officials, parents and educators. The proliferation of health programs in elementary and secondary schools have helped this cause along with thousands of dollars in advertising from private and government entities. It is awesome then that a developer would put out a fun game that would encourage weight loss and healthy eating habits. This and more can be found in Run Juan Run.
The Premise
Juan has been up to no good with his health. His bad eating habits have caused him to get out of shape and his wife is determined to make sure he gets back on track. Talk about commitment! Through a series of exercises and healthy eating choices, Juan can get back into shape in no time with just a little effort.
The first couple of levels include Juan taking on running exercises and calisthenics.  If you choose push-ups, then you have to make Juan accomplish a set number of push-ups. Doing so is as easy as pie! Simply wait for the indicator to turn green and tap on the screen. One tap brings Juan down to the ground, and another gets him back up. You have to be sure you tap on the screen when the indicator turns red, otherwise Juan will fall to the ground and won’t be able to get up.
The same exists with running exercises. This one is a bit more entertaining. Juan puts on his aerobics outfit and runs outside. Like the push-ups, it’s up to you to press the green indicators on either side to ensure Juan runs. Here you have to use two hands. It’s easier to fumble in this exercise, so be sure to watch for the greens. One mishap and Juan will fall to the ground. You have been warned.
In app purchases also exist. You have a selection of different foods and energy drinks to  assist Juan and his wife with their health quest.
Run Juan Run is a fun game that couldn’t be more relevant. While you’re not getting the shoot up action or logic head scratchers that you’d expect from most games, if you’re looking to encourage healthy habits or maybe even teaching a health class to kids, this game will be relevant. Even without the in app purchases, Run Juan Run is entertaining and worth a look.

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