Orbot Traverse for Android!

Why did the Chicken cross the road? A better question would be what would happen if an alien tired to cross the road? What if on that road the alien would have to deal with fast moving trucks, vehicles, non-linear platforms, alien that were more evil and would try to whisk him away, moving platforms, crazy pedestrian cycles, and all of the likes that would prevent him from keeping himself alive? Chances are you might be dealing with an Android game called Orbot Traverse. If you think you aren’t weak at heart and can stay alive longer than anybody else doing the same task, you might just have a fighting chance.
In Orbot
Orbot Traverse is a game in which you have to keep Orbot alive as long as you can in and endless jumper while crossing the road. Movement is straight forward and in some cases surprising. You can move forward by tapping on the screen. Much to our relief, you can also move from side to side by swiping the screen. After choosing your main character, the game begins. Enemies and obstacles generally move from left to right as you try to make your way across. While Orbot is the main character, you have your choice of up to 30 different characters. Orbot is a free choice, while others require use of in-app purchases.
Graphic quality is unique and inspiring. Orbot itself reminds us of Q-Bert from the retro arcade game. The graphics are something akin to the Jetson’s cartoons of yesteryear. You are in a futuristic universe complete with weirdoes to keep you on your toes. If crossing the road were not enough, you occasionally receive spins on a wheel of fortune styled spinner giving you freebies such as free credits, vouchers and more. The soundtrack is a combination of future-ese and startling Twilight Zone like sound effects.
Orbot Traverse was pure fun. The game is addicting and full of suspense. With all of the obstacles, cartoon-like graphics and possible ways to die, you will try your hardest to stay alive. Whether it’s getting squished and whisked away, many of your outcomes will make you laugh and entice you to keep playing. We hope to see this game expand and offer more worlds and options. Orbot is definitely worth the college try.

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