Tiny Spirit - Adventures In Limbo for iPhone&iPad!

They say all things come to light. In a nice departure from games which the objective is to save the princess, look for keys, collect coins or capture a flag, Tiny Spirit – Adventures in Limbo has a hero that has to find its way to the light. In the process, there nasty obstacles that will either burst you into smithereens or even force you to go back to where you came from!
Just Give Me The Light
Tiny Spirit is a ball like figure that can thrust and jump. Like many games there are several levels of difficulty. To help you get acquainted, the first couple of levels act as a tutorial complete with both directions and hints. Tiny Spirit moves by default, but can also jump if you tap the right of the screen. She can thrust forward if you tap the left side of your display. In the earliest levels you are faced with the challenge of just getting from the entrance to the light at the end of the level. By the second and third levels, you have to jump over prickly thorn bushes and avoid circular saws. From time to time, walls with double arrows will appear. Hit them and you will bounce in the opposite direction and move in that fashion perpetually until you approach another double arrowed wall. In some cases, those walls will assist you with getting onto platforms that are required to get onto in order to reach the light at the end of the level in question.
Tiny Spirit is a textbook example of minimalism at work. The graphics are simple, the gameplay is extremely easy to follow and delightfully challenging. The tutorial is a welcome addition and allows you to quickly get a hang of the game. If you’re looking for a game which is refreshing then Tiny Spirit- Adventures In Limbo is worthy of a look.

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