iBodyBuilder for iPhone&iPad!

iBodybuilder is the awesome new game on mobile, exclusive to apple and the first of its kind to mobile!

You start off as a pathetic weakling, do you have what it takes to grow into a giant like beast of a bodybuilder?

On your hilarious and fun journey to superstardom you will have to train hard, eat big, work jobs to get cash, then once you make it to the big time you can buy sports cars, amazing houses and live the good life in luxury! 

All this wrapped in our comical 2d angular art style, with an original soundtrack. Hours of hilarious fun!

- Gorgeous and quirky 2D angular art style
- visit epic locations in the world of iBodybuilder
- Tons of character customization, clothes, trainers, hair, beards and more!
- Grow your characters individual body parts and grow into a muscly beast
- Live the lifestyle, upgrade your houses and cars
- Completely original iBodybuilder soundtrack created for the game
- Innovative touch train gameplay, gym mini games, bench press like you would in real life 

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