Born2Invest for Android

Some of us look forward to picking up today’s paper, logging online to a plethora of news sites, or even depending on word of mouth for solid, current business and financial news and tips. What if you could get all of that in one app and more? Born2Invest takes on this task by providing you with up to date business, finance and investing news, all streamlined and handpicked by an in-house team of journalists - all in 80 words or less.
Getting Around
Top stories are displayed the moment the app is loaded up. Tapping on the menu icon on the top left side of the screen gives you access to all of the news categories – Top stories, tech, trending, business, media, auto, tech, real estate, finance, investing, your money, markets, economy, metals, nickel and mining among others. When reading articles a number underneath the main article picture displays amount of stories you have not read out of those presented. Stories can be shared on your favorite social media accounts and even favorited for later review.
If you are an avid reader of the Wall Street Journal, New York Times or other business and investment related periodicals, you will immediately appreciate the amount of work the team at Born2Invest has done sifting through the most trusted news sources to bring you the top business and finance news of the day.  As a free download, Born2Invest is a no brainer.

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