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If you’re a busy person who networks a lot or is social, keeping track of all of the people you come in contact with day to day is daunting, even with your smartphone. Imagine how many numbers you store in your phone every three months or so. How do you keep track of everyone? What if there was pertinent information discussed in a previous call that you would need to know for a follow up conversation? Well Call Fact has an answer for this in the form of an app that will let you know everything you need to know about anyone.
It’s A Fact
After a quick sign up process and click on a conformation email, call fact is ready to go. When fired up, you can create an unlimited amount fields which can store information about people in your contact list. You can also name each field. Pehaps you knew a relative of the person and seeing the relatives name would job your memory. You could create a field which displays the last thing that person said to you. You can even input sales information, the person’s birthday. As contact information is imported from your address book, the bread and butter information is always correct and the app allows you to expand on what the android operating system offers from the factory.

Call Fact is great because it displays all of the information you’ve stored about each contact when someone is calling you and while you’re on a call. The added bonus is that it even identifies background info for unknown calls. Call Fact is a versatile tool that is sure to make any Android user have more peace of mind.
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