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There is no shortage of word games, be it crossword puzzles, fill in the blanks, collaboration games or scramblers. That said, as long as these plethora of games have been around, many have their limits. Verbum aims to change that by letting find words in any direction, up, down, across, diagonal, around (yes we actually said that) with a few surprises to boot
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Verbum has over 150,000 English words in its index. You gain points and buy time by forming words with three letters are more. Words with two letters are certainly allowed, but isn’t ideal. The crossword grid has some 70 letters. Finding more words brings new tiles into the grid. The more words you find, the higher you advance. For example, you start at Level 1, but can find yourself up to Level 6 if you stay in the game long enough. Have trouble finding words or think for too long? Then it’s game over.
Verbum Is Available For iOS and Android!
The fact that you can find words in just about any direction makes the game more fun. You simply swipe in your words by tracing your finger over the letters you wish to incorporate into the word. Words can be isolated to one area of the grid, or traced out over many rows and columns. We were able to trace out words with up to seven letters, but it really was a combination of luck and being very alert.
Some other goodies include items that you can only use once per level. You can shuffle and replace all tiles, pause the game 10 seconds or even delete specific tiles. When you complete a game through winning or running out of time, stats are provided alerting you to the longest word you found, the total number of words you were able to make, and the most used word. Yes you can can use the same word multiple times!
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Verbum is available for iOS and Android. This is probably one of the more fun word games we played simply because of the freedom you have. You can create the same word multiple times, are not limited in the directions with which you can form words, and you can mix things up with features that you can use sparingly. Overall, Verbum seems to get things right bringing the venerable crossword puzzle into the modern age.
Link To App (Android)
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