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I once watched a newscast where a politician came on and said the phrase “in these uncertain times…”, and I thought to myself, “when were times ever certain?” In the blink of an eye, your life can change and as always we should err on the side of caution. An app can help you do just that. Distress Alarm for Android seeks to bump your safety factor by a few points.
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Distress Alarm as its name implies contains an alarm. You can set the alarm to sound at the time you specify. If there is no reaction to this alarm within a two minute window, emergency contacts are notified. These contacts consist of the 911 and any other contacts you designate as “emergency contacts” in your device.
Distress Alarm Equips You To Be Safe And Gives You Options
These contacts can be notified with a phone call or a message which you create beforehand. It doesn’t stop there. Distress Alarm allows you to create multiple alarms. In practice, a scenario could be, you’re walking through a dark alley which you know will take you a five minutes to walk through. You can set your alarm to say eight minutes. Within eight minutes, the alarm will sound while the app will send out the message you created beforehand or a phone call.
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There are even more options. You can record a video using the front facing camera. This is useful for recording events (i.e. an attack, or verbal spar). What if it’s a false alarm? A convenient slider at the bottom of the display will deactivate the alarm and any subsequent action. Even more useful is a map which will display all of the police stations and hospitals in your vicinity.
So will you actually use this in practice? The app has a lot of potential. It’s biggest standout is its panic button. In theory, the app serves its purposes and lives up to its hype. In practice, you will have to remember to have this app loaded in the situations it is meant for. There are a few kinks which have to be worked out and there is room for the app to grow (a tutorial and streamlined navigation would be a nice future improvement), but the app does work well and does what it advertises.
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