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After a while, certain gaming genres get so saturated that the thought of another game in the genre is enough to make your skin crawl. The only way to generate excitement then is to make your game have unique qualities that let it stand out from the others in the crowd. Such is the case with the Match-3 genre. Such is the case with Candy Crush. Five years later, developers are still putting out Match-3 games without breaking any new ground. Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter attempts to break new ground. Do they accomplish this?
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It all starts with a name. The game title was enough to have people ask “what’s that” whenever we bought it up to new faces. Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter is indeed a Match 3 game, but unlike many of its competitors, it uses “real physics” to help you clear out levels like an evacuation drill.
A combination of Candy Crush and Brick Breaker, you have to clear out bubbles on the ceiling using a bubble gun. Pointing at the area you want to shoot forces a dotted line to be drawn showing you exactly where the gun will shoot. In the earliest levels, this will allow for direct hits. In later levels, creative aiming will be the norm. Fortunately, by aiming at the sides of the screen, you can get some diagonal and criss-cross action.
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To clear levels, you must pop like-colored bubbles. The shooter will display a specific color and you will have to get rid of bubbles on the ceiling which are the same color. If the color of the shooter and the ball you want to hit doesn’t match, the number of balloons will increase and move up. You can switch colors simply by tapping the shooter. In most cases, the color you need will pop up.
The fun doesn’t stop there. In later levels, you get to rescue animals, free ghosts and collect coins. Cool combos let you clear levels faster. With over 150 levels, the game is sure to keep you busy for some time. The combination of retro classic concepts from vintage games such as Brick Breaker and the fluidity of Candy Crush made Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter a rather interesting game.
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