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Ever since the original Brickbreaker was released, many developers have tried to capitalize on its success by releasing similar games. Recently, the bubble shooter permutation of that theme has gained traction on the mobile platform, to the point where newer ones are being released almost monthly
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Panda Witch Pop Bubble Shooter (long name we know) is the latest offering in this genre. For the uninformed, in bubble shooter games, you point your gun at a puzzle of bubbles containing different colors. Your job is to clear the board (usually attached to the cieling). To clear bubbles, you must shoot at least three of the same color. Shooting the wrong color pushes up the bubbles toward the ceiling. Shooting less than 3 adds to the bubble collection (a bad thing). Got it?
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So how is Panda Witch Pop different? For one, you get power ups which is good. You get cool background music, which is nice. But the best part of the game is what happens in later levels. You get to rescue cute characters from the bubble set, so the game has more of a purpose which is great because it is this which sets it apart.
Match 3 Bubbles At A Time With Surprises Along The Way
Additionally, each level has target scores and those scores should be achieved with as few moves as possible. If your target score is say 50 (earlier levels), pushing the bubbles up and having many faux-paus will have you cut from the team. You have been warned.
Want to move faster? You can purchase power ups from the store and get all kinds of tools to help move up as fast as you like. We should mention that the aim trail displayed by where you point your shooter is just about all you need to be successful. You can target down the millimeter where you want your ammo to go. Of course, you can do pool-like combos where you aim toward the side of the display to make your ammo go in otherwise hard to reach areas.
If you’re into shooting bubbles and want something slightly different, then Panda Witch Pop Bubble Shooter might be exactly what you need to quench your thirst. If anything, the suspense of what surprises exist subsequent level should be enough to keep you thirsty. The game boasts 150 levels with three new ones added every week.
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