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You might want to call the 2010s the decade of the Zombie. You can’t escape them in any current form of media. Whether you’re obsessed with the Walking Dead, or fanatic enough to sit through and watch the Talking Dead (talk show which follows the Walking Dead); or reading about Cult Classics like Dawn Of The Dead and Zombie 2, mobile games are following the current trend.
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Super Zombie puncher for iPhone/iPad takes a different approach than the TV shows and movies they stem from. Rather than obliterate zombies with rifles and machine guns, here you just punch them; and punch them until it’s game over - literally.
Knock Out Dozens Of Zombies With Dozens Of Weapons
The game comes with over a dozen Zombies and interesting weapons. The stock game allows for the most basic of weapons (your first) and the most basic Zombie, “Brain Deaddy”. As the title of the game implies, you punch the Zombie over and over again until it is knocked out. You start with it’s original face and punches will slowly bruise it up until it turns purple and all kinds of colors. Once you reach your target punch (which with Brain Deaddy is 100), you win.
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Knocking out Zombies brings you more coins. More coins can unlock better weapons and cooler looking Zombies. As expected, these “cooler” zombies require more punches, so keep that in mind. Other weapons include “Heavy Glove Of Destruction”, “Cruel Cuffs Of Blood” and “Thor’s Hammer”. Other Zombies include “Kim Karzombie”, “Kazombie West” and “Raszombie”. With each Zombie comes different background music. The backing tracks are professionally done to say the least and adds a nice touch.
If you’re looking for complex gameplay, you won’t find it here. This is all about throwing punches. When you combine the zombie types, modern backing tracks and cool characters, you get a nice simple fun game with great graphics. In this case, it’s all you need. If your stressed, why not knock somebody out. That somebody should be a Zombie!
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