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Zombies strike again. If you’re one of the millions who tune in every week to watch The Walking Dead, Z-Nation and iZombie, or the follow cult classics such as Night Of The Living Dead, yet another game has been released to keep your Zombie obsession in full gear. SWAT Forces vs Zombies (SFVZ) pits fighters with different weapons and capabilities against the very monsters who walk among the dead.
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After selecting “play” on the main screen, a map is displayed showing the locations of all of the battle locations (levels) throughout the town. Subsequent levels only appear after the one previous to it has been completed. Levels of course are numbered with each showing a star rating above it indicated how well you did during battle.
The premise of the game is predictable. You have to kill zombies. What makes SFVZ different however is gameplay. You aren’t tapping on the screen to shoot and decapitate zombies. Here, you place your fighters accordingly on the screen to preset locations. They then fire their weapon or maneuver respectively in place. The trick is placing the fighters strategically so they can deploy their moves at the right time. You must stay alive and prevent them from going beyond the other side of the display.
Strategically Place Your Fighters To Get Rid Of The Zombie Threata

Fighter health is indicated by the health progress bar above them (green). Zombies have thier own health bars (red). In earlier levels, you have less Zombies to battle. Later levels feature more with different skills and appearences. Killing off the enemy sometimes leaves coins in their place which you can snatch up.
Snatching up enough coins can unlock new weapons and up your diamond count.As an example, after beating level 2, we were able to acquire a land mine which could either blow up a Zombie or put them on a path closer to death depending on where we placed it. Remember, all items can only be placed in preset positions.
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If you run out of lives, you are put on a temporary pause. You can either wait through this pause (a few minutes) and watch your life count increase (five max) or you can opt for in app purchases for diamonds which can up your life count so you can begin playing immediately. Don’t want to run out of lives? Get good at the game fast and it won’t be an issue. Seems like a decent tradeoff for a game as involved as this one.
SWAT Forces vs Zombies does a great job at combining 16 bit styled graphics, unique gameplay (at least more so than regular point and shoot games) and an pretty impressive array of weapons, skills and enemies. While some may scoff at the gameplay, it’s important to understand what the game is and is not. We had a lot of fun with this one. What’s missing is a comprehensive tutorial and storyline which may get users acclimated a bit faster. That said SFVZ is enjoyable and will keep mobile gamers entertained.
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