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Who doesn’t want to get things done faster? If you’ve ever dealt with slow opening apps, dropped calls, shoddy video or menus which take forever to load, then it probably means you have a lot of background tasks running on your device. This is usually beyond just having to close a bunch of apps.
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Callbooster IMO purports that it clean up those tasks and free up RAM with minimal effort on your behalf. Just open the app and go. It is actually part of a broader suite. The Booster series also contains apps which help speed up other chat apps. IMO as you would guess advertises speeding up the IMO chat app.
Booster IMO claims to boost the speed of your IMO chat app
There is one for What’s App and Badoo, chat apps which are popular here in the states. They work in the same way. Once you open up the app, it scans to detect how much RAM is available and how much memory is being dedicated to background tasks. Clicking on the OK button puts the app to work and it quickly frees up more memory and kills unnecessary background tasks.
Based on what the app advertises and its quick processing, you couldn’t find an easier app to use if you want to speed up your chat app. A sore spot are ads, but at a price of free, it is to be expected. If you are looking to speed up your IMO app for a better experience, then apps from Booster might be what you’re looking for.
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