Windows App Store?

Windows App Store?

All of the major players out there have an app store, we at GiveMeApps are no different. With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has acknowledged that they too will have an app store. Similar to that of Apple’s Mac App Store, the Windows Store will be integrated within Windows 8. Within a few simple clicks you will be able to purchase touch-friendly, Metro-style applications for the new Windows 8.. This coincides with the new Metro UI in Windows 8, which is built mainly from apps.

Here are some of the choices of apps in these categories: productivity, photos, entertainment, social networking and of course, games. Similar to the other app stores, you will have featured apps, top rated, top paid on top free apps. What will it be like? Will companies and developers even want to use it? This is the model which many app stores follow, GiveMeApps included.

There will be of course a certification process for the Windows Store Apps similar to that for Windows Phone 7 mobile apps. This will hopefully reduce the malicious apps from getting into the store and ensure quality and usability. Microsoft has also confirmed that the only legal way to get these Windows 8 Metro Style Apps will be from the Windows App Store. I for one know that it won’t take long for pirated copies of this to surface.

Will people prefer the Windows App Store over the Mac App Store? I seem to think so, because more software is developed for Windows than OSX. Like Apple Windows is taking 30% off of the top from developers. They will check every single app before it get’s released into their app store. Each app will be examined for viruses, malware or spyware. GiveMeApps by contast, takes no percentage off the top and provides developers with 100% of their earnings, with the same examination processe ensuring malicious apps do not make its way into its app mall.

Each app that is downloaded or purchased from the Windows App Store, you will be given 5 licenses to install the app on 5 computers in your house. I already see a surmounting problem with this. We will have to wait and see what Microsoft comes up with. I’m sure by the time that this is released in 2012, there will be a lot of changes. What do you think?

Wayne Tempel is a freelance writer who has contributed to many articles on the web. You can follow him on Twitter.

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