A Cut of the Pie: Dish Wants To Expand

A Cut of the Pie: Dish Wants To Expand

Dish has admitted that it’s ready to jump into the wireless arena. “Clayton told Reuters that Dish is serious about its ambitions to get into the wireless space, but said the company first needs to be awarded a wireless license by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. It would then have to wait for a final decision by the U.S. government on the merger between AT&T and T-Mobile USA before deciding its next move."The FCC and the government, if the merger goes through, is going to dictate and demand a new carrier so there's a minimum of four (carriers) and we believe we are going to be one of those and that's what our plan is," he said in an interview at Dish's sales office in New York” (Yinka Adegoke and Liana B. Baker, Reuters).

Dish has spent over $3 billion so far readying its wireless network. Clayton states that Dish requires a wireless company to partner with. The wireless company would handle the voice communications since that requires a wireless infrastructure. Dish has been steadily losing subscribers and hopes an expansion away from just television service will help turn the company’s profits around. This has already been evidenced by its Blockbuster acquisition which allows you to now stream videos.

“Dish could become a major wireless carrier once it finds a partner, or acquires a wireless company. As well T-Mobile USA, Clayton said Dish would be willing to consider working with any other wireless partner including Clearwire, Sprint, LightSquared, MetroPCS and Leap” (Yinka Adegoke and Liana B. Baker, Reuters). Will Dish succeed in the mobile marketplace?

Joseph Sugabo is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast.

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