Microsoft's Killer Week

Microsoft's Killer Week

Wow! It has been quite a week for Microsoft. They have really stepped up their performance in many aspects of technology this week.

1st they announced their update to the Xbox 360 where you can find out about here.

2nd they rolled out a Windows Phone 7 app that lets you control your Xbox 360 from your phone!

3rd it released a new and amazingly improved Netflix app for the Xbox.

And if all that wasn’t enough, they’ve just launched an Xbox Live application for iOS devices, My Xbox LIVE.

"This free app will allow you to stay connected to the Xbox Live community when you are away from your console," said the director of programming for the Xbox Live network, Larry Hyrb.

Although this app can’t perform everything the Windows Phone 7 app can do, it still gives you some very nice features. According to itunes you can: change your Avatars appearance, view and show off your achievements, read and edit your full Live profile, and read and message your friends.

The app is compatible with the iphones/ipods as well as the ipads.

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