Want To Make The Apple Logo On Your iPhone Light Up Like Your Macbook?

Want To Make The Apple Logo On Your iPhone Light Up Like Your Macbook?

Have you ever wanted the apple on your iPhone to light up like your MacBook does? Well now you can make your dream come true in under 5 minutes! K.O Store is currently selling a kit for $42 that will make your dream come true. This kit will be available for a limited time only. The Store has announced that in two days the kit will probably no longer be available because they fear legal issues from Apple.

According to the K.O Store, you have to take off the back cover, remove some screws, disconnect the screen’s cable and install the modification. They have even provided a video to help everyone make the modification to their iPhone in less than 5 minutes.

K.O store is also giving buyers the option of getting the normal Apple logo or ordering the Steve Jobs Tribute logo designed by Jonathan Mak. The new back panel does not change the iPhone’s dimensions.

According to their website, the kit has been so popular that their servers can’t handle the popularity so they have moved the product to their Facebook Store. Want to see the iPhone Light Up Kit in action? Check out their YouTube Video:

Get your Kit while it is still available.

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