App Review: "Exit Strategy

App Review: "Exit Strategy

Exit strategy is the perfect app for the avid city slicker or visitor. Available for $4.99- this app is worth every penny. When testing this app in NYC I found it to be more helpful than any other navigation map offered due in part to the fact that the maps are available underground. Once a commuter enters the subway station, without service, the app is able to display exactly what time the next train is coming into the station, even providing any sort of estimated delays.

Another great feature this app offers lies within the nature of its name. ‘Exit strategy’ tells the user where on the train they should board in order to exit at the next station nearest their street destination of choice. For example, the 2/3 train in New York City stops at 72nd street on the west side but has exits at 71st, 72nd, and 73rd streets. Exit strategy shows a full map of where the individual should board in order to align themselves with closest street exit at their next destination.

One additional feature I love is the safety aspect of this app. If there were ever to be an emergency, Exit Strategy indicates on the map of where the user can best exit the train to the street in the scenario that something goes wrong. This app gives any user piece of mind in a city with winding train routes and unexpected situations. I highly recommend this app to anyone new to a city, or the every day city slicker; for reference of course.

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